London Asbestos Company – Where is asbestos found in buildings?

Asbestos is found in insulating board ceiling tiles, partition walls, service duct covers, fire breaks, heater cupboards, door panels, lift shafts linings, fire surrounds, and soffits. It turns up in pre-1999 cement products like roof and wall cladding, bath panels, boiler and incinerator flues and fire surrounds. We find it in guttering, rainwater pipes, and water tanks, and it is present in too many floor tiles, mastics, sealants, decorative coatings, rope seals, mill boards, paper products, cloth and more.

Asbestos Survey London – How is the removed asbestos disposed of?

We double bag the waste and we safely dispose of the PPE we have to wear, including overalls, protective shoe covers and respiratory equipment. We dispose of everything at properly-equipped facilities, and we never mix it with other kinds of rubbish.

London Asbestos Management Company – Can you trust us?

Absolutely. Some fly-by-night asbestos removal firms will simply dump the materials they’ve removed in landfill, fly tip it, or get rid of it any way they can without having to pay for disposal or do the right thing. We do a great job and we dispose of everything properly, in line with environmental law.